About Gina


Lets's Raise Awareness animal rescue

My name is Gina and I am the owner and founder of Dog Mom Cookies & Jerky!

It all started about 25 years ago when I decided to make the big move from Brooklyn, NY to Shavertown, PA. Being an Italian girl who has always loved to cook and bake, going into the restaurant industry just came naturally. Over the years I have worked in every restaurant position from wait staff, cook to manager and district manager. Finally, I decided to further my culinary education at the Culinary Arts Institute of LCCC. This is where the idea for Dog Mom Jerky took shape. Being an animal lover all my life with strong beliefs in responsible pet ownership, I wanted to find a way to help support animal rescue. That’s when Dog Mom Jerky was born. 

After making many test batches of my treats I came up with the perfect recipe for success. But I needed a quality control team of course to taste test each batch before the treats went out and to help me develop new products. I appointed my beagle Gracie to lead the team due to her keen sense of smell. Expertly assisted by some of her pup buddies you can be sure that nothing gets past them! If the pups don’t like it, I start from scratch. Check out our store to see what the team has approved so far.